faculty futures

I am a nationally recognized thought leader on institutional change in support of academic faculty. Over my last fifteen years in progressive leadership roles at a large, urban, minority-serving public research university, I have innovated and collaborated with others to foster meaningful structural change towards more just, equitable, sustainable, generous, and courageous faculty futures.

I am a strategist and co-creator of the Digital Humanities Initiative at SDSU, the DH@SDSU / National Humanities Center’s Podcasting Institute, SDSU’s Building on Inclusive Excellence hiring program, the Faculty Futures Lab podcast, and the Shared Governance Leadership Institute / Initiative for Inclusive Leadership.

I have also partnered with or served on advisory boards for the following (click on the icons below for more information):








I welcome opportunities to engage with colleagues who would like support in

  • Assessing institutional faculty support infrastructures and ecosystems.
  • Identifying strategies to foster well-being and productivity across the faculty life-cycle.
  • Developing faculty leadership, especially among future chairs, associate deans, and associate vice presidents.
  • Implementing meaningful structural change in the recruitment of diverse faculty.
  • Fostering new futures for the academic arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences (“emergent humanities”), including innovative approaches to the conceptualization, articulation, dissemination, and evaluation of scholarly and creative work.
  • Developing and institutionalizing adequate metrics for gauging impact in academic arts, humanities, and qualitative social sciences.