“There are three ways in the world: dangerous, wounding, / and beauty.”–Linda Hogan (Chickasaw)

Earlier this year, I asked 1000 women over 30 who listen to public radio how they’ve been feeling and what they’ve been listening to since November 2016.   Many said they were worried: worried about the big issues and about the vulnerable people in their communities, doing more than ever to contribute to civic life and pay attention to politics, but less confident than ever that what they did could make any difference. (See the results here.)

The American Beauty project is about developing new media like podcasting to help women gain a more grounded, intersectional perspective on our place in the long, beautiful struggle for democracy, with help from women experts in the humanities and social sciences.  With support from a “sounding board” of women listeners from across the country and a guiding team of academic and media advisors, I am working towards a Fall 2018 launch.

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